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Qingdao Haite Power Equipment Co., Ltd

Address: Qingdao bonded area in Seoul road NO.5
Tel: 0086 15269163135, 0086 18764031673
Fax: 0086-532-86768791
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Service hotline:

Qingdao hite power equipment co., LTD. Customer service center hotline: 0532-86760298 open 24 hours a day, for you!

Service E-mail:

After phone: 13869878329/13869878582

Fax: 0532-86768791

Service concept:

Customer first Promptly in completely

Service content:

1, pre-sales product advice

2, sale installation and debugging

3, after on-site maintenance, on-site maintenance, user training, users pay a return visit

24 hours of uninterrupted service

For many years, we always stick to his word - from products provide users with the day, free on-site warranty for one year, life-long maintenance. No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, we always someone in hite welder use unit, tour inspection, the thorough reality, understand the needs of users. Because we know: the needs of users is the goal of our continuous efforts, can only win the market, with sincere service development can be achieved, to win customers.

Professional maintenance personnel, on-site maintenance, maintenance and use of communication with user equipment maintenance personnel, and equipment in good use.

User operations, or maintenance personnel to company training or on-site training.

Try to consider the compatibility, product improvement, to improve the utilization rate of old equipment and solve the problem of upgrading of products at the lowest cost.

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Tel: 0086-532-86760298  Fax: 0086-532-86768791  Service phone: 0086-532-86760298  E-mail:
Address: Qingdao bonded area in Seoul road NO.5
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