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Main function set

Enjoy automatic protection when overheating,overcurrent,under voltage and ultrahigh pressure.

Thrust current regulating function.

Anti net pressure fluctuation and can be used together with generator.

Output current automatic compensation function and manual welding output cable reaches 50m.

Advance configuration

Advanced digital display current preset configuration.

IGBT contravariant,high efficiency,energy saving and save more than 30% electricity.

National patent power module with waterproof,dustproof and high reliability design of the whole machine.

Adaptive range

Welding rod:1.6-4.0mm(on the basis of type)

Welding material :carbon steel,high alloy steel,stainless steel,electrode for cast iron,etc.

Suitable technology:DC manual and simple argon arc welding process .

Adaptive environment:adapt to wild and harsh construction environment(waterproof,dustproof and shockproof)


Power supply:AC380V±15% 50/60HZ

Rated power input:19.4KVA

Floating voltage:70V-75V

Rated duty cycle:50%

Rated welding current:15A-400A

Efficiency: ≧85%


Level of protection:IP21S

Boundary dimension:510*215*340mm


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