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HT series of special equipment of underwater wet welding
Sources: Haite Power  Date: 2015-04-15  Views: 679time

Underwater wet welding special welding machine is relying on the "11th five-year plan" national foreign cooperation and national 863 key projects "Marine welding key technology research", by the Harbin institute of technology (weihai) special welding technology key laboratory of four-year cooperation study, complete with independent intellectual property rights, and fill the blank of the industry, Marine resources development, Marine engineering construction of our country and ship emergency maintenance provides important technical support. On the basis of the results, hite power equipment co., LTD, Qingdao, Qingdao ocean engineering technology co., LTD., according to the practice of the engineering application of underwater wet welding, to in-depth study of underwater welding arc physics, combined with the advanced inverter welding machine control technology, developed a series of HT underwater wet welding special welding machine and other underwater welding products. HT60M of underwater welding special welding machine has the stable welding process, engineering applicability, the characteristics of convenient operation, safe and reliable, applicable to 60 meters in shallow underwater wet welding rod arc welding and wet oxygen cutting applications, such as electricity and successfully applied in the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, shengli oilfield, such as engineering, the yantai, shandong university, the ministry of communications bureau experts such as the user's consistent approval.

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